+1 Stories July 9, 2013

Google+ now shows people the posts that you +1

Google is rolling out a new Google+ feature today that makes it easier to see what your friends have +1’d and for your friends to see what you have +1’d. Only a few posts will be highlighted, and Google says you have ultimate control over who will see your +1s.

  • We’ll occasionally highlight posts that were +1’d by people in your circles
  • And if you +1 a post, we may highlight it to your friends as well
  • You can visit your settings to decide who, if anyone, might see your +1s highlighted in the stream
  • In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them
  • And of course: if you’re seeing too much activity from a given circle, you can always turn down its volume, or exclude it from Home entirely

+1 Stories May 8, 2012

Google+ always allowed you to receive notification emails for specific activity from the network, such as comments on your posts and when another user mentions or shares with you. Today, Google is making the experience even better for Gmail users by making those notification emails interactive. In Gmail, you can now “view, comment on, and +1 posts” directly from within your inbox. Google noted, “Comments appear in the Google+ stream in real-time, and responses from others instantly appear in Gmail, as part of the notification message.”

Google explained replying to the notification emails is now possible from your mobile device through a “Reply to this email” prompt (pictured, right):

Tap reply, send your comment, and we’ll automatically add it to the ongoing Google+ conversation. Even if you don’t use Gmail, you can still reply by email from many different services.

Google will make these new features available to Gmail/Google+ users over the coming week, and you can always manage your Google+ notifications in settings here. expand full story

+1 Stories January 18, 2012

Google announced two new features for Google+, including a “What’s Hot” stream that allows users to see the most interesting content shared throughout Google+, and users can now view who has “+1′d” posts —not just the count.

These minor tweaks display Google’s attempts to make Google+ more interactive and attractive. The “What’s Hot” stream on mobile devices could be a response to Twitter’s “Discover” feature that surfaced last month. It is accessible in the Web app by swiping to the right of the Circles stream, and a constant view of trending posts for Google+ will immediately appear. This ensures a flurry of content, even when people within a user’s Circles are silent for the day…

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+1 Stories December 7, 2011

Google has just pushed out an update to their Google+ Android app, bringing it up to date with the iOS app that was recently updated with full resolution photo uploads, enhanced search features, and +1s for photos. On top of those features, the Android app also received +1s for comments, typing and online indicators for Messenger convos, video support for Instant Upload, and the ability to start conversations by typing a phone number.

Another new addition is the ability to open links to posts and profiles within the app and there is also the usual “stability improvements and bug fixes”. As always, you can grab it from the Market here. Google also updated the Google Goggles and Google Maps Android apps today.

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+1 Stories September 20, 2011

(Not an ad, The +1 button and recommendations will appear at the bottom of display ads.)

In October, Google will make the ability for AdSense publishers to incorporate +1 buttons into display ads public. For example, if someone sees an ad that offers something they enjoy, they can click the +1 button to share with their friends they like it. If their friends and contacts are logged in, they will see their friends who have +1 the ad (as seen above).

This new addition to advertising is bound to spark much more relevance in ads, and actually make them more enjoyable for users. Users can see what their friends enjoy, and in the end they will probably like it too. As always, if AdSense publishers don’t want a +1 button on their ad, they can opt out.

+1 Stories June 2, 2011

Google has rolled out the new +1 button in search results and for webmasters and today brings us the official +1 Chrome extension that lets you +1 any article on the web. From the release notes:

This extension let you +1 any web page. Just simple as one click!

It’s a great new addition to the Google social suite and it works seamlessly. See something you like? Hit the +1 button in Chrome and a link to that story will be created in your Google profile, making it easy to recommend stuff to the web at large. The extension lets you select a Google profile from which you are posting and enable personalization of content and ads across the web based on your and your contacts’ +1’s. This page explains the system in greater detail. While we’re at it, I just +1 this post. Your +1’s appear publicly in search and on ads as well. You can lock your +1’s on your Google profile so only you can see them. Plus (no pun intended), you can delete any +1 privately or publicly listedon your Google profile.

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