Google Adsense Stories May 1

With AdSense, publishers can designate a space on their site for Google to serve advertising that is relevant to the visitor’s interests. The popular service this evening is currently facing an outage where estimated earnings, page views, and other metrics are not updating.

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Google Adsense Stories January 21

For millions of sites around the web, Google AdSense is a primary source of income. Today, Google has quietly given the AdSense dashboard a redesign with its new Material Theme.

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Google Adsense Stories January 17

Latest European Commission antitrust fine targets Google AdSense, expected in coming weeks

Over the past several years, Google has faced a handful of antitrust fines in Europe from Search to of course Android. The latest is focussed on its AdSense advertising business, with a penalty expected in the coming weeks.

Google Adsense Stories July 2, 2018

If you’re an AdSense publisher, you’ve probably noticed some celebratory balloons flying through your dashboard this morning. That’s because Google is celebrating AdSense’s 15th birthday. expand full story

Google Adsense Stories February 21, 2018

Google’s latest product to benefit from the application of machine learning is AdSense. Specifically, the online advertising service is leveraging it “to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf.”

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Google Adsense Stories January 24, 2018

At the end of each year, Google mails out 1099-misc tax forms for everyone who earns money from AdSense — including to 9to5Google, just like most publications on the web. This year, though, Google is seemingly reporting incorrect amounts to the IRS than they actually paid out…

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