ActionDash Stories June 21, 2020

Chris Lacy’s ActionDash acquired by Sensor Tower, immediately goes ad-free

Digital Wellbeing has been a pretty major focus of Android in its past couple of releases, but not everyone has access to Google’s suite of tools. To fill that gap, Android developer Chris Lacy released ActionDash, a third-party app that essentially replicated and, in many cases, improved on Google’s offering. Now, that app has been acquired.

ActionDash Stories January 21, 2019


While it still seems as if tech brands caring about our ‘digital health’ is a little contradictory, it’s still neat to be able to get data on just how long we’re using our handsets.  expand full story

ActionDash Stories January 19, 2019


“Time well spent” has turned into a hot topic over the past couple of years, and it was one of the most anticipated features for Android Pie. Unfortunately, Google restricted it’s Digital Wellbeing tools its own Pixel devices and Android One. Now, the developer of Action Launcher has provided a solution that works on any Android phone with ActionDash.

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