airdroid Stories December 1, 2016


AirDroid has been a popular service on Android for years, allowing users to easily and wirelessly access the files on their smartphone from a PC, mirror notifications, and send/receive text messages. However, security company Zimperium has been tracking some major security vulnerabilities in the app for a few months now, and they’re still not fixed…

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airdroid Stories August 25, 2015

Okay, this probably isn’t going to drastically change the lives of either casual users of Android or developers on the platform, but I still found it to be cool. There’s a new Chrome app on the block called Vysor, and it offers a super simple way to view and control an Android device from a desktop computer.

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airdroid Stories December 4, 2014


AirDroid is a well known Android app that has long allowed you to remote-control your Android phone from a Windows or Mac OS X machine. But with the countless updates that Apple brought to iOS this year and the continuity features that tie the iPhone and Mac OS together seamlessly, Android users were left with much to desire. The latest version of AirDroid makes an attempt at filling that hole in Android users’ hearts with its latest release, bringing tons of features that make using your phone from a desktop environment easier than ever.

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