AV1 Stories February 18

Qualcomm rumored to be adding AV1 support with next flagship Snapdragon chip

Google is a big proponent of the open AV1 video codec, especially on the YouTube and streaming device front. On Android, Qualcomm is a notable holdout and has so far not supported AV1 on its Snapdragon chips, but that might be changing this year.

AV1 Stories November 11, 2021

Netflix starts rolling out more efficient AV1 codec to TVs including select Android TVs [U]

The AV1 streaming codec is something that Google and others are behind bringing to the mass market, and slowly it’s expanding. This week, following successful tests on Android smartphones and tablets, Netflix has announced that it will bring AV1 to TVs.

AV1 Stories February 5, 2020

Netflix starts streaming AV1 on Android to save cellular data

Netflix announced today that it’s beginning to stream video using AV1 on Android. This high-performance, royalty-free codec provides 20% improved compression efficiency over VP9.

AV1 Stories September 14, 2018

AV1 is an open, industry-backed codec that will allow for more efficient and better quality video streaming. YouTube is beginning to test AV1 through an initial beta with Chrome 70 and Firefox Nightly on desktops now supporting it.

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