Chrome 70 Stories September 14

AV1 is an open, industry-backed codec that will allow for more efficient and better quality video streaming. YouTube is beginning to test AV1 through an initial beta with Chrome 70 and Firefox Nightly on desktops now supporting it.

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Chrome 70 Stories September 13

Earlier this month, Google celebrated Chrome’s 10th anniversary by introducing a Google Material Theme for the browser, making the Omnibar smarter, and introducing a slew of other useful features. Chrome 70 is now rolling out in beta with various new APIs that developers can take advantage of.

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Chrome 70 Stories September 11

Chrome OS Canary now offers native SMB file sharing support

Chrome OS is gaining better native support for SMB file sharing, one of the most common Windows file server protocols.

Chrome 70 Stories May 17

Google has long been a big proponent of pushing HTTPS as seen with the .app top-level domain where security is default and in Search rankings. The biggest adoption drive has been through Chrome, with the browser soon marking all HTTP sites as “Not secure.”

When that fully rolls out, Google will begin phasing out the green “Secure” badge and lock icon as security becomes the default expectation.

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Chrome 70 Stories May 15

The tentpole feature in Chrome 66 is a new set of autoplay restrictions aimed at reducing annoying videos that automatically start playing back. However, since it was released last month, the policies have negatively affected games and other web experiences. In response, Google today removed a part of the feature, delaying its launch until later this year.

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