Billboard Stories May 28, 2016


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In this week’s top stories: The latest OnePlus 3 news comes alongside our first look at an upcoming Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung. A handful of Google apps received notable updates this week, as did a US field test for the much anticipated Pokémon GO mobile game arriving this summer. And Google exec Eric Schmidt makes some noise with comments about Galaxy S7 being better than iPhone in our latest Talking Schmidt. Head below for the usual handy links to these top stories and more.

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Billboard Stories May 23, 2016


We all know that Samsung likes to do crazy stuff of all kinds. From its immense product lineup down to some of the keynotes held in recent history and even Galaxy S5 airport terminals, the Korean giant has shown that it is not afraid to do things a little out of the ordinary.

Today, however, Samsung may have out-Samsunged itself by placing what is arguably the biggest billboard in the history of consumer electronics, all dedicated to its S7 edge flaghsip…

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Billboard Stories November 25, 2014



Google has taken over Times Square with a new Android ad on a massive billboard in the iconic intersection, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The search company is using the largest digital screen in North America to promote its interactive campaign Androidify, which allows users to create and share their own Android mascot. expand full story

Billboard Stories November 20, 2014


Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine, Apple, Beats Music, Code Conference

Billboard is about to add data from music streaming services to its weekly Billboard 200 charts for the first time as services like Google Play, Spotify and Apple’s Beats Music become increasingly popular. The New York Times reports that Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan plan to start incorporating both streams and downloads from music streaming services, in addition to the music sales the chart already covered, in order to more accurately reflect popular albums based on what users are listening to. The first chart including streaming services will include data for next week and arrive online Dec. 4: expand full story

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