Chrome 78 Stories November 6

How to disable tab hover cards in Chrome 78

Google Chrome 78 arrived on desktops last month, and Chrome OS 78 is rolling out today, each bringing a variety of new features. However, Google also included change to hovering over tabs that some are finding annoying. Here’s how to disable the new tab hover cards in Google Chrome and Chrome OS 78.

After rolling out to Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, version 78 of Chrome OS is now available. Notable features in Chrome OS 78 include separate browser and device settings, click-to-call, and the full launch of Virtual Desks.

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Chrome 78 Stories October 22

Google is rolling out the latest version of Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Chrome 78 readies customization options for the New Tab page, a nifty click-to-call feature, and new tab overlays.

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Chrome 78 Stories September 20

Following version 77’s release on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, the next beta release of Google’s browser is rolling out. The Chrome 78 beta will feature a “click-to-call” feature from desktop to Android, theming, and dedicated Chrome OS settings.

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Chrome 78 Stories August 28

Sometimes when trying to put in a password, it’s handy to be able to check what you typed before hitting submit. Some websites have created their own ways of temporarily revealing the password, but many haven’t yet. Microsoft wants to make revealing your typed password a consistent experience, available on every site you browse, in Google Chrome and their own Chromium-based Edge, by adding a new button to password fields.

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Chrome 78 Stories August 23

It’s almost impossible to browse the web these days without being inundated by sites asking if they can send you notifications. Infuriatingly, these notification requests even appear as dialogs that take over your screen on Chrome for Android. Google is working on a new way for Chrome and Chrome OS to deal with requests for notification access, including blocking them automatically.

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