Google Lens Stories July 17

OnePlus puts out new beta updates on a pretty regular basis, and these often include handy new features. With its latest betas, the company is focusing in on camera improvements for the OnePlus 5, 5T, and 6.

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Google Lens Stories June 25

In addition to real-time Lens lookup and a redesign, Google announced at I/O 2018 that the visual search feature is coming directly to third-party camera apps. The Google Camera app for the Pixel and Pixel 2 is now the latest client to be updated with quick access to Google Lens.

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Google Lens Stories June 22

Microsoft’s new Visual Search tool in Bing is designed to compete with Google Lens

Google has been the biggest name in search for so long, it’s a household name. For the past several years, though, Microsoft has been trying to compete with Bing, its own search engine. Today, Microsoft is announcing that Bing can now use Visual Search, just like Google Lens.

Google Lens Stories June 4

After adding a slew of new features and getting a redesign at I/O 2018, Google Lens today gained a new shortcut app to quickly launch the visual search feature. The app itself is currently quite simple, but a teardown reveals that AR Stickers could be directly available in Google Lens, while there is also a direct reference to a Pixel 3 codename.

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At the moment, the LG G7 offers the fastest way to access Google Lens through a dedicated hardware button. In comparison, the vast majority of users have to first bring up Assistant and then tap the camera icon. Google has now made it faster to launch Lens thanks to a new shortcut app.

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Google Lens Stories May 31

At I/O 2018, Google announced a host of new features for Google Lens, the company’s visual search feature launched last year. That new functionality is now fully rolled out while several manufactures are adding Google Lens right into the camera app.

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