Google Lens Stories March 12

NYT Magazine using Google Lens to add easy sharing, interactivity

The latest iteration of Google Lens has filters for translation, finding food, and shopping. Another big part of the company’s visual search tool is integration with magazines, billboards, and other print advertising to make it easier to get more information. The latest example of that is a Google Lens partnership with the NYT Magazine.

Google Lens Stories March 8

At I/O 2019, Google Lens gained the ability to analyze a physical restaurant menu and flag popular dishes. This Lens menu capability is now integrated right into Google Maps.

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Google Lens Stories October 24, 2019

Google’s love of Easter Eggs is unmatched and this year the hardware team is getting in on the action. Taking Google Lens to the back of the Pixel 4’s retail packaging reveals an AR greeting to buyers.

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Google Lens Stories October 3, 2019

Following the website and mobile apps, the new Google Shopping is officially available in the U.S. This is Google’s new unified service for product lookup and delivery, with Google Lens also picking up a “style ideas” feature today.

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Google Lens Stories September 18, 2019

Over the weekend, we spotted and enabled a new “Smart Screenshot” tool in the Google app beta. It’s now live for some users and delivers a more useful experience that adds powerful Google Lens integration.

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Google Lens Stories September 12, 2019

At I/O 2019 in May, Google updated Lens to be a portal to augmented reality experiences. Pointing Google Lens at a painting in a museum could bring more information about the artwork, while there are already AR ads from Stranger Things and Cyberbunk 2077. The latest example of Google Lens AR is for groceries in supermarkets.

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