Chromebook Pixel (2015) Stories August 12

Late last year, we uncovered a list of devices that would never be able to support Chrome OS’s Linux apps (Crostini). At the time, we noted that the second-generation Chromebook Pixel from 2015 was not on this list, and that it in fact stood a chance of getting the necessary upgrades to support Linux apps. It seems that eight more devices are following suit to allow their owners to run Linux apps.

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Chromebook Pixel (2015) Stories November 7, 2018

Linux app support has slowly been bringing new levels of desktop productivity to Chromebooks both new and old. Earlier this month, we reported that a vast swath of Chromebooks would sadly never receive this feature. One we weren’t sure of, Google’s 2015 Chromebook Pixel, may be getting this breath of new life judging from new code changes.

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Chromebook Pixel (2015) Stories July 13, 2016

Acer R11 and Chromebook Pixel (2015) pick up Play Store support in latest Chrome OS update

After launching on the ASUS Chromebook Flip last month, Google is currently rolling out Play Store support for the Acer R11 and the latest Chromebook Pixel. This update comes in the form of Chrome OS version 53 which is available now via the Developer Channel.

Chromebook Pixel (2015) Stories February 11, 2015

According to a bug reported spotted in the Chromium project issue tracker, Google is currently working on a second-generation Chromebook Pixel. Noticed by OMG Chrome, a Google employee recently filed a bug report associated with the Samus development board, which at this point, is unreleased to the public. The original Chromebook Pixel was codenamed the Link within Google’s headquarters.

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