environment Stories September 19, 2019

In both 2017 and 2018, Google purchased enough renewable energy to match its global energy usage in offices and data centers. The company today announced the “biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history.”

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environment Stories April 4, 2018

Last October, Google reiterated in its annual environmental report that it was on track to purchase enough renewable energy to match all the electricity it consumed in 2017. The company today confirmed this for its offices and data centers, and in fact exceeded the goal.

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environment Stories October 10, 2017

Google publishes Environmental Report recapping last year, progress update for 2017

Google today published an updated Environmental Report that “closes out 2016” and provides an update on ongoing efforts for 2017. Three major milestones made 2016 a “landmark year” for Google, while the company is expected to reach 100% renewable energy in both offices and data centers this year.

environment Stories January 10, 2017


The 2017 Clicking Clean report from Greenpeace takes an annual look at the performance of internet companies in terms of energy usage, with Google coming in third-place behind leader Apple and Facebook. The company was awarded an A for its continued usage of renewable resources and for pushing governments, utilities, and other vendors it works with to do the same.

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environment Stories June 24, 2015

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If you send email with Gmail, host your school papers on Google Drive, or watch YouTube videos, you’ve taken advantage of one or more of Google’s many data centers. Today, Google has announced that it’s opening up its 14th site globally, but they’re planning to do something interesting — they’re planning to rework the existing infrastructure of the soon-to-be shut down Widows Creek coal power plant in Alabama… expand full story

environment Stories February 11, 2015

Google powering Mountain View HQ from wind power as of next year

Google has announced that it will be powering its Mountain View headquarters with wind power from 2016–or, more precisely, that it will be purchasing enough wind-generated electricity to cover the power used by its HQ.

The agreement with NextEra Energy Resources will help to repower an iconic Bay Area wind farm at California’s Altamont Pass with new turbines that will pour 43 MW of electricity onto the grid starting in 2016 […]

Even though the electrons follow an untraceable path through the California electricity grid, we can be sure that we’re offsetting the electrical consumption of our North Bayshore headquarters with the renewable energy from the new turbines.

Google has been a carbon-neutral company since 2007, and already uses renewable energy to power its data centers (winning praise from Greenpeace), but this is the first time the company has made a direct commitment regarding its offices. Google also runs a free electric shuttle bus service for local residents.

Google shared the news the day after Apple announced that it is building a solar farm to offset all its California operations, including its new campus building currently under construction.

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