Mountain View Stories April 17, 2019

Googler at Mountain View headquarters diagnosed with measles

Since the start of 2019, the CDC has recorded 555 cases of measles in 20 states across the U.S. A Googler in Mountain View was diagnosed earlier this month, with employees last week warned about the infectious disease.

Mountain View Stories February 28, 2019

Google this morning announced the winners of the I/O 2019 ticket drawing. Starting May 7th, this year’s annual developer conference in Mountain View features a notable logistics change related to parking and helping the surrounding area.

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Mountain View Stories January 6, 2018

Whether you’ve been there in person, seen it in pictures, or watched a comedy about it, you’re probably quite familiar with the multi-colored bikes that can be found all over Google’s Mountain View campus. Designed for the company’s employees, these bikes are available to grab on the campus at any time, but there’s a problem — people keep stealing them.

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Mountain View Stories March 16, 2016

google io 2015

We told you last week that registration for Google’s 2016 I/O developer conference opened up to the public, and now it appears those that entered the drawing are receiving acceptance and denial emails. The lucky lottery entrants that have been accepted this time around, though, are apparently getting an error preventing them from registering…

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Mountain View Stories March 15, 2016


Google’s expansion plans for its Mountain View HQ have been progressing rather slowly, but the company has now given the go-ahead for local planning officials to release the renders of the structures it hopes to build next to its existing Googleplex head office.

The company originally submitted plans for a combination of one dome-like structure and a second building looking like a giant tent. As BizJournals now reports, the latest version appears to have abandoned the dome in favor of a lower-profile structure designed to blend into the local environment (more images below).

Once the campus is complete, you’ll be able to take a walk through it …

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Mountain View Stories May 29, 2015


Earlier this month, details regarding Google’s upcoming “hackable” headquarters in Mountain View emerged, suggesting that the building will be built partially by “crabots.” The crabots are a mash-up between cranes and robotic machinery and will be used extensively in designing the interior of the company’s new headquarters. The Sillicon Valley Business Journal now reports that Google has submitted plans at Mountain View City Hall for these headquarters. The translucent domed building is expected to be 595,0000-square-feet and located near the company’s existing headquarters.

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