Fallout shelter Stories August 13, 2015

Fallout Shelter for Android now available on the Play Store

After what seems like an age waiting with anticipation, Fallout Shelter has finally been released for Android. The popular title landed on the Play Store this morning and is available to download for free.

Fallout Shelter’s basic concept is to build yourself a subterranean paradise in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When I say paradise, I mean a vault where your responsibility is to build, repopulate and defend your world from attacks. Not exactly as glamorous as The SIMs, but perhaps more enjoyable for that very reason. As per the Play Store description:

BUILD THE PERFECT VAULT Create a brighter future…underground! Select from a variety of modern-day rooms to turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the very picture of Vault Life.

OVERSEE A THRIVING COMMUNITY Get to know your Dwellers and lead them to happiness. Find their ideal jobs and watch them flourish. Provide them with outfits, weapons, and training to improve their abilities.

PROSPER A well-run Vault requires a variety of Dwellers with a mix of skills. Build a Radio Room to attract new Dwellers. Or, take an active role in their personal lives; play matchmaker and watch the sparks fly!

EXPLORE THE WASTELAND Send Dwellers above ground to explore the blasted surface left behind and seek adventure, handy survival loot, or unspeakable death. Find new armor and weapons, gain experience, and earn Caps. But don’t let them die!

PROTECT YOUR VAULT From time to time, idyllic Vault life may be disrupted by the dangers of post-nuclear life. Prepare your Dwellers to protect against threats from the outside…and within.

Vault-Tec has provided the tools, but the rest is up to you. What are you waiting for? Get started building your Vault today for FREE.

If you want to try it out, be sure you’re running at least Android 4.1 or later and then head on over to the Play Store. It’s free, and supported by in-app purchases ranging from $1-$20.

Fallout shelter Stories July 24, 2015

Fallout Shelter is coming to Android on August 13th

Fallout Shelter, a mobile game companion to the much-anticipated Fallout 4, was brought to iOS last month with no word on when it would be arriving on Android. Today, the company behind the game, Bethesda, has come out on Twitter to announce that it should be hitting Android devices in less than a month — on August 13th.

The game was met with mixed reviews despite the hype, so Android users anticipating the game became much less excited with iOS players commented on its repetitive gameplay and stability issues. That said, Fallout 4 is definitely one of the most eagerly-awaited games of the year, and until it hits in November, players will have to take Shelter for what it is.

Fallout shelter Stories July 2, 2015

Fallout Shelter slated for August launch on Android, says VP of Marketing


Fallout Shelter, the free-to-play mobile game inspired by the popular ‘Fallout’ franchise, is expected to be launched on Android next month, according to developer Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing Peter Hines.

In a conversation with a user on Twitter asking about an expected launch date for the game, Hines responded that the game is “coming along nice. haven’t announced a date, but should be out next month. we’ll let you know when we have specifics.”

The game launched for iOS back at E3 last month with Bethesda at the time promising that an Android release was in the works, but didn’t offer much more information than that. The game hasn’t received the most glowing reviews, however, with many across the Internet saying it gets repetitive very fast and serves as not much more than an advertisement for Fallout 4, the next chapter in the Fallout game for desktop and consoles, which is slated for a November 10th launch.

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