Geekbench Stories March 15

Geekbench removes four years of Samsung Galaxy benchmarks following GOS ‘throttling’ debacle [U]

Benchmarks are never fully indicative of how a device will actually perform in real life, but they can provide some useful points of comparison between closely matched devices. Geekbench, one of the best benchmarking apps available across platforms, has just announced that it will remove results from the past few years of Samsung Galaxy devices over a recent software debacle.

Geekbench Stories January 21, 2016


With the Galaxy S7 widely expected to be officially unveiled at an event next month, rumors and leaks are on the rise for Samsung’s next generation flagship smartphone. For some time we’ve been hearing that Sammy is working on both a Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 equipped version of the S7. Over the past couple of days, claimed leaked benchmarks corroborate those rumors, and the others we’ve heard over the past few months.

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Geekbench Stories November 12, 2015


Qualcomm promised when it launched the Snapdragon 820 that it’s next processor would offer a huge jump in performance and efficiency over its predecessor. If a benchmark result on Geekbench is anything to go by, those claims look like they’ll be true. Those worried by the fact it’s ‘only’ quad-core should stop worrying now.

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Geekbench Stories September 22, 2015

Samsung testing Snapdragon 820 in Galaxy S7 according to leaked benchmarks

Samsung caused a lot of chatter in the tech scene when it decided to eschew Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips in favor of its own Exynos processors this year. All four of Samsung’s high end devices feature its own processor in every market worldwide. But that could change next year. According to a few leaks posted to Chinese social network, weibo, Qualcomm has sent a few different versions of its Snapdragon 820 processor to Samsung for testing in its Galaxy S7.

Geekbench Stories September 11, 2015

Rumored HTC One A9 could feature 10-core Helio X20 processor

Over the past few weeks, maybe even months, it’s been rumored HTC will release a new all-metal smartphone to join its lineup. The HTC One A9 is expected to take design cues from the One M-series, but so far, rumors and leaks have been less than convincing. According to a leaked screenshot, allegedly taken from Geekbench, the One A9 could feature a hugely powerful processor built by MediaTek, and feature 4GB RAM.

Although there’s still plenty of reason to be skeptical, it’s at least interesting to see these rumors crop up repeatedly about the same device. The device benchmark information shows that it has a 10-core MediaTek Helio X20 processor, the same chip found inside the recently announced Acer Predator smartphone. The chip is clocked at 1.96GHz, paired with 4GB RAM on a device which will purportedly run Android 5.1.1.

Twice in recent memory, an HTC event has been teased. Initially rumors predicted a September 6th event, while more recently, a September 29 unveiling was teased. With all this uncertainty surrounding the launch date, it’s worth taking any of the speculation, leaks or rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism. Early leaks were clearly faked, and there’s been a lack of any clear and reliable evidence surrounding the One A9. If today’s leak is anything to go by, a Helio chip could point towards an Asia-specific device. Having a launch event in Japan does nothing but corroborate that speculation.

Geekbench Stories September 10, 2015

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-concept-renders-by-Hasan-Kaymak.jpg 1,406×879 pixels 2015-09-10 14-10-33 A Galaxy S7 render that's not real at all

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-concept-renders-by-Hasan-Kaymak.jpg 1,406×879 pixels 2015-09-10 14-10-33

A Galaxy S7 render that’s not real at all

Samsung brought the Galaxy Note5 (sic) and Galaxy S6 Edge+ to market faster than expected (maybe to beat the Apple hype train?), and it looks like they’re pushing the next flagship Galaxy S handset — assumably the Galaxy S7 — through production just as fast. A Samsung device simply labeled as “Lucky-LTE” made its way through Geekbench yesterday, and now a report from the usually-reliable SamMobile claims that the device is indeed an early prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S7… expand full story

Geekbench Stories March 19, 2012


When Apple launched the new iPad on Friday, it did so with a new dual-core A5x processor and quad-core graphics inside. During the product’s unveiling, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talked about the new chip noting that it provides four times the performance of Tegra 3. Nvidia was quick to question the slide displayed by Apple onstage (pictured right), which did not provide any specific benchmark data. We now finally have some solid benchmark tests courtesy of Laptop Mag that provide us new insight.

For the benchmark tests, Laptop Mag used an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which is powered by Tegra 3, and put it up against the new iPad in GLBenchmark 2.1, Geekbench, and browsers’ benchmarks with Sunspider and Peacekeeper. In its last test (video above), the publication did a side-by-side subjective gaming performance test to try to spot any noticeable differences between the same title running on both devices. Here is what the publication found:

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