Google Admin Stories July 19, 2021

Google modernizing Workspace Status Dashboard, improving outage alerts for admins

Downtime among Google’s largest services is typically rare, but it does occur from time to time. Google is now updating the Workspace Status Dashboard and other tools that admins can use to keep track of outages.

Google Admin Stories July 18, 2016

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Google today announced a pair of minor updates for some of its services on the Google Apps Updates blog. Specifically, the new features affect the Google Admin app on Android, as well as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

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Google Admin Stories March 28, 2016

Google Admin app for Android updated w/ full mobile device management features

Mobile first is a frequent buzz phrase for newly minted startups and for the most part it is easy for them to achieve. However, for legacy companies with products designed for the web, it is often harder to cram functionality and information on a smaller screen. With that in mind, the Google for Work Admin app for Android has been updated with mobile device management features previously restricted to the full web app.

Google Admin Stories December 1, 2015

Google Admin app for Android updated w/ easier user management

Google today has updated its Google Admin mobile app with a handful of enhancements that admins will greatly appreciate. The update makes it much easier to manage users and groups, further reducing the necessity for admins to always be near a full-fledged computer.

The first new feature is the ability to import a contact from their contact list and have all of that user’s information be auto-filled into the “Add user” form in the Admin mobile application. The information can then be edited if needed, but it makes it much easier to quickly add new users to your team.

The second major new feature is the ability to quickly change a user’s role in a group and to more easily remove them all together. Now when you tap on the member of a group, you’ll see to new options to quickly “Change Role” of a member or “Remove Member” with just a few taps.

The update to the Google Admin app on Android is rolling out now to users. The latest version is available on the Play Store now.

• Integration with your Contacts App – Create new users by importing your existing contacts directly from the App.
• Better Group membership management – Quickly change a member’s role or remove them from the group.
• Bug fixes – Resolved issues related to app crashes and minor UI elements.

Google Admin Stories May 29, 2013

Google launches Google Admin Android app for managing Apps accounts

Google announced today on its Enterprise blog that it’s rolling out a new app for Google Apps administrators that allows them to access the Admin console directly from an Android device. With the new Google Admin app for Android users will have access to the majority of basic features including “quickly adding or suspending users, resetting passwords, managing group memberships, and directly calling or emailing specific users.”

The Google Admin app is available on Google Play now for Google Apps admins.

Google Admin Stories May 8, 2013


Google introduced an update today to its Google Admin console for managers of Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, and the like.

Businesses, governments, and schools should appreciate the changes to Google’s admin console.

The new features include improved navigation, more customization, and a more accessible domain.

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