google image search Stories April 13, 2017

‘Style ideas’ in Google Search shows images of products being used in real life

Following the addition of a “Similar items” feature earlier this week, Google Image Search will also showcase how fashion products look in real life. Using machine learning,”Style ideas” will be available on mobile starting today.

google image search Stories January 16, 2017

Looping YouTube videos now showing up in Google Image Search for some reason

Google is testing a new feature in Image Search lately, as spotted by Alex Chitu. It’s not clear exactly why this is showing up — or what plan Google might have for it — but the Mountain View company seems to be testing the addition of short, looping YouTube videos at the top of Google Image Search for some queries…

google image search Stories March 28, 2016

Pinterest-like image saving and tagging feature added to Google Search on the web

Last year, Google added a Pinterest-like photo saving and tagging feature to Image search. It was first available on the mobile web for Android and iOS, but starting today Google is rolling out the feature to desktop search.

google image search Stories August 22, 2013


Now that Chrome 29 has gone mainstream, Google has introduced Chrome 30 to the beta stage. This release makes it easier to use Google’s search-by-image feature, which allows you to upload an image and search the internet for webpages that have that image (also great for finding larger sizes of images). Right-click any image on the web in Chrome 30 and you’ll see the option to “Search Google for this image”.

Chrome for Android also sees some improvement in this release with the introduction of new gestures: expand full story

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