Google Images Stories August 10

After being integrated across Android and the Chrome browser, Google Lens is now the main visual search experience on the desktop Google Images website.

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Google Images Stories January 22

Google is testing a redesign of Search’s image viewer that replaces the white or gray background with some much-needed color while rearranging other information and buttons for a less overwhelming experience.

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Google Images Stories August 31, 2020

Google Images adds ‘usage rights’ filter and ‘licensable’ badge

Google Images is rolling out two features today aimed at “image creators, stock image providers, and digital content associations.” Eligible results in the visual search engine will feature a “licensable” badge, while you can now filter by “Usage Rights.”

Google Images Stories July 8, 2020

In recent years, Google has worked to make Image Search more capable with Lens integration and Fact Check labels. Results in Google Images will now include Knowledge Graph facts to tell users about what they’re seeing.

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Google Images Stories June 22, 2020

Google Images rolling out ‘Fact Check’ labels around the world

YouTube, News, and Search in recent years have surfaced fact checks to deal with misinformation. Google Images is now getting a similar capability to help people “make more informed judgments about what they see on the web.”

Google Images Stories February 25, 2020

Google Images saw a web revamp last August that added a side panel for results and bigger focus on shopping. After quietly getting rid of the ability to filter results by size, Google is now removing the ability to hover over images on the main results page to see dimensions.

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Google Images Stories September 22, 2019

In February 2000, the “most popular search query Google had seen at the time” was of the Versace Jungle print dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the Grammy Awards. It spurred the creation of Google Images, and nearly 20 years later, Google helped bring it back during Milan Fashion Week on Friday.

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Google Images Stories August 29, 2019

Google Images is one of the most popular ways to find a picture on the web, and lately, it’s undergone some changes. One change to Google Images that was just recently spotted was the removal of a search filter that allowed users to find images of exact sizes.

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Google Images Stories August 6, 2019

Google Images in recent months has seen a number of updates as visual search becomes more and more important. The latest features announced today include a new side panel UI where pictures open and shopping-related product details for results.

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Google Images Stories July 25, 2019

Fast-loading Accelerated Mobile Pages are prevalent on the mobile web, thanks to Google Search. AMP is now coming to Google Images with a new ‘Swipe to Visit’ action that quickly previews and opens the site where a picture result originates from.

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Google Images Stories June 27, 2019

GIFs are a remarkably expressive form of communication that helps to succinctly convey a shared feeling. Many of Google’s apps have integrated GIF features, while the company acquired the Tenor platform last year to expand its offering. Google is now adding a “Share” button for GIFs in Image Search.

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Google Images Stories March 5, 2019

As evident by visual feeds like Instagram and Snapchat, images are increasingly used to advertise and directly sell products to users. Google Images is now adding a new shopping ad that lets brands overlay labels and price tags on sponsored picture results.

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Google Images Stories October 24, 2018

As part of its 20th anniversary, Google in September laid out the future of Search. Alongside Google Discover and dynamically organized results, the company is making information lookup more visual with Stories and featured videos. Google Lens is also coming to Google Images, with that integration now rolling out.

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Google Images Stories September 27, 2018

Google announced a number of big updates for Search earlier this week. Today, a desktop revamp for Google Images is rolling out that leverages the Google Material Theme, while image credits now appear in results.

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Google Images Stories September 24, 2018

Google Images gets desktop redesign with mobile site adding Google Lens

Announced last year, Google Lens received a big update at I/O 2018 with real-time search, smart text selection, and more. However, Google Images is the company’s original visual search product and this week it’s gaining a number of new features.

Google Images Stories July 19, 2018

Google Images testing new web interface w/ rounded design & card-based photo viewer

In recent months, Google Images has picked up a number of interfaces tweaks and other functionality changes. The latest sees Image Search testing a new design on the web that features a card-like photo viewer and pill-shaped carousel.

Google Images Stories March 27, 2018

Google Images has seen a spate of updates in recent weeks, with the latest now being an acqusition of Tenor to improve its GIF capabilities. With keyboard apps for several platforms, Tenor is also notable for being a GIF platform that powers the likes of Gboard and Facebook.

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Google Images Stories March 13, 2018

Google Images updated with page title captions under every mobile result [Updated]

Google announced a major change to Images last month that removed the direct link to pictures as part of a new licensing deal. Today, Google’s visual search feature is adding new captions under every result to aid context.

Google Images Stories February 16, 2018

How to get the Google Images ‘view image’ button back in Firefox

Google recently removed the convenient ‘view image’ button in Images, but thankfully there’s a Firefox extension that brings it back. Here’s how it all works…

How to get the Google Images ‘view image’ button back in Chrome

Google recently removed the convenient ‘view image’ button in Images, but thankfully there’s a Chrome extension that brings it back. Here’s how it all works…

Google Images Stories February 15, 2018

Earlier this month, Google and Getty Images announced a licensing deal that would allow Getty images in Google Images. As a result of this deal, Google agreed to make some fundamental changes to Images in an effort to reduce piracy, and the first of those has gone live today.

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Google Images Stories February 9, 2018

Google Images to remove direct photo links as part of Getty licensing deal

Back in 2016, stock photo service Getty Images sued Google, alleging that its Images search engine promoted piracy. Rather than going to trial, the two parties announced a licensing partnership today that will result in several changes to Google Images.

Google Images Stories October 9, 2017

Google Image Search updated with brighter, rounded interface on mobile web

For the past several months, Google Search has been A/B testing several new designs. An update to Image Search is now rolling out on the mobile web (via Android Police) and features a brighter interface and rounded buttons.

Google Images Stories August 1, 2017

Google Images gains badges to categorize search results

Google is testing a new feature on its Image Search page that adds badges and labels to search results for better discovery. Rolling out some time today on the Google app and on mobile web (though I haven’t had any luck yet on my devices), images will begin displaying icons in the bottom-left corner representing linked videos, shopping results, GIFs, and more.

Google Images Stories December 12, 2016

Google is toying with search suggestions in the Play Store [Updated]

Google plays with its apps’ UIs continuously, which is why new and unexpected things pop up almost on a daily basis. This time the focus is on search suggestions, which the company is tweaking in both the Play Store and in its image search engine…

Google Images Stories April 27, 2016

Google Getty Images

Google seems to be under fire lately. Less than a week from the European Union’s charges against the Mountain View company regarding supposedly unfair practices towards its hardware partners, TIME is reporting that the famous stock photo agency Getty Images is now accusing the technology giant of “promoting piracy” with its Images search engine…

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Google Images Stories March 28, 2016

Pinterest-like image saving and tagging feature added to Google Search on the web

Last year, Google added a Pinterest-like photo saving and tagging feature to Image search. It was first available on the mobile web for Android and iOS, but starting today Google is rolling out the feature to desktop search.

Google Images Stories November 30, 2015


Google today has added the ability to save and organize the photos you find through Image search. The Pinterest-like feature currently only works on a mobile browser, but will be welcomed by those who often browse via Google Image search.

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Google Images Stories May 25, 2015


While Google has been working hard to become a more diverse company, you don’t necessarily see much diversity in image searches. Carry out a neutral search on Google Images for terms like man, woman, face or hand, and the vast majority of search results show white people.

The World White Web project aims to change that, by the simple mechanism of asking people to share images of people of color, which boosts their search rankings in Google, increasing the racial diversity of search results …  expand full story

Google Images Stories January 14, 2014

Need some images? Now you can keep it legal, with Google Images usage rights filter

There’s a commonly-held myth that any image found in Google images is fair game for anyone who wants to use it. In reality, most images are copyrighted by default and usage generally requires permission – especially for commercial use.

Google’s Matt Cutts has tweeted that you can now filter images by usage rights. If you want to find images you can use commercially, for example, just do your search, click Search Tools and then select ‘labelled for commercial use’ from the pull-down.

It’s not immediately apparent how Google identifies the permissions associated with an image. We’ve reached out to Google and will update when we have a response.

Google Images Stories July 2, 2012


Google launched Search by Image last year, and then updated algorithms for it almost every week since, but now the search engine will use its Knowledge Graph to power the popular feature.

Search by Image allows users input an image, and then Google offers images and search results related to that image. Users select an image through the ‘ole drag-and-drop, and then uploading, or even inputting a URL. Meanwhile, the Knowledge Graph is new technology that allows Google to provide search results for concepts linked between words, rather than showing results for just the query term.

Software Engineer Sean O’Malley explained the inclusion on Google’s Inside Search blog today:

With the recent launch of the Knowledge Graph, Google is starting to understand the world the way people do. Instead of treating webpages as strings of letters like “dog” or “kitten,” we can understand the concepts behind these words. Search by Image now uses the Knowledge Graph: if you search with an image that we’re able to recognize, you may see an extra panel of information along with your normal search results so you can learn more. This could be a biography of a famous person, information about a plant or animal, or much more.

Google wants to improve its image search. When a user uploads an image of a specific type of flower, for instance, Google would previously give general flower search results. Now, Google will try to guess the exact type of flower. Google will also show the most recent content in search results, which is helpful for news images.

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Google Images Stories May 23, 2012

Google updated its Google Search iPhone app to version 2.0.0 today, which introduced a completely redesigned app that focuses on improvements to speed and full screen browsing features. Among the new features are an auto full screen mode that hides controls when scrolling down and reveals when scrolling up, and a new full-screen image search view.

The updated app also includes “major speed improvements,” a built-in text finder for webpages, and quick links to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and search options such as images, places, and news. The iPad did not receive the same update, but both the iPhone and iPad will now be able to save images to the iOS camera roll.

A full list of features is below, while the updated app is available on the App Store now.

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Google Images Stories December 8, 2011


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