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February 2014 - May 2018

Play Newsstand allows users to purchase periodicals and subscribe to websites via RSS. It is the predecessor of Google Currents and also features related articles and breaking news alerts. The app is available from both Android and iOS, while some magazines can also be read through the web app.

Google Play Newsstand Stories May 3, 2018

Google News may not seem like a flagship product in the company’s lineup, but a new report today suggests a redesign is coming at I/O 2018. The revamp is rumored to integrate YouTube, while coming at the expense of Play Newsstand in a sign that the Google Play family of apps is being further culled.

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Google Play Newsstand Stories November 16, 2016


Google has today announced a refreshed version of Google Play Newsstand, hot on the heels of the Google Play Music redesign that the Mountain View company launched earlier this week. Today, Newsstand is getting machine learning personalization, rich images and videos, and a web version…

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Google Play Newsstand Stories November 10, 2016

play-newsstand-4Google Play Newsstand has just received a major revamp that adopts Material Design’s latest guidelines and is focussed on delivering personalized reading recommendations. Version 4.0 swithces to a bottom navigation bar and has a new personalized “For you” seciton as the main feed.

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Google Play Newsstand Stories February 8, 2016

Paid Google Play Newsstand subscritpions expand to eight Middle Eastern countries, app receives UI tweaks

Play Newsstand has a surprisingly large user base due to the fact that it is pre-installed on most Android devices. Earlier this month, the app was updated with some visual tweaks to the main feed and article layout. Today, users in eight Middle Eastern countries will be able to buy paid content from the app.

Google Play Newsstand Stories September 10, 2015

Google Play Newsstand get sports information in latest update

Google Play Newsstand is definitely my least used Google Play app. That’s not saying much, though, because Google Play Music is really the only one that I use. Play Books, Play Games, and Play Movies might as well not exist in my eyes. That said, if you do use Newsstand, you might be interested in today’s new update. Within, you’ll find new support for sports scores for your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams…

Google Play Newsstand Stories January 29, 2015


Rolling Stone magazine is making some of its archived issues available in the Google Play Newsstand app, with three or four major stories from each issue available for free. The move is being made in partnership with Google as a means of promoting the app, reports Fast Company.

Google Play’s global head of marketing Brian Irving says he views the Rolling Stone partnership as a way to demonstrate the possibilities of Google Play’s Newsstand, which he argues is better suited for content discovery than Apple’s Newsstand, due to features like customizable themes and key word searches.

Gus Wenner, son of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, said there was enormous interest in archived stories when properly promoted …  expand full story

Google Play Newsstand Stories April 2, 2014

Following an update to Google Keep earlier this afternoon, Google is now rolling out an update to its Play Newsstand app, which was released earlier this year as a replacement for Currents. The update makes some design tweaks, as well as enhances how you can organize your sources.

First off, the My News and My Magazine categories have been merged into a new My Library section. There is also a new Read Now category bar at the top of the interface that autohides and allows you to easily swipe between categories. Finally, the action bar now changes colors depending on what section you are in (News/Business/Sports/etc).

The update is rolling out now, although it is a staged update and may take a while to hit your device. Keep an eye on the Play Store.

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Google Play Newsstand Stories February 19, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 7.52.54 PM

Back in November, Google announced that Currents news service would slowly be transitioned into a new Google Play Newsstand app, and today, the company has finally taken the final step. Google today released an update for the Currents app that makes it nothing more than a pathway to Play Newsstand (via Android Police).

When users launch the Currents app after updating, they will be presented with a screen telling them to download Google Play Newsstand. Newsstand will be able to automatically import all Currents subscription, making the transition as easy as possible for users. Once users agree to make the switch to Newsstand, the app icon for Currents will disappear, making it impossible to ever return.

iOS users are still waiting for Google’s Newsstand app, but there’s something with an eerily similar name preinstalled on all iOS devices already…

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