iPhone 11 Pro Stories November 2, 2019

Google’s Pixel 3 was notorious for performance hiccups and poor memory management, but Pixel 4 has represented some serious improvements. However, in a performance speed test against the iPhone 11 Pro, the Pixel 4 still lags behind despite those gains.

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iPhone 11 Pro Stories September 17, 2019

Google’s camera prowess is the reason “Pixel” is a well-known brand. Most people know after the past three generations that if you want the best camera in a smartphone, you buy a Pixel. This year, however, reviewers think that may have changed. Reviews of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro give high praise to the cameras and claim it’s better than the Pixel 3. Is that really the case?

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iPhone 11 Pro Stories September 11, 2019

More than every other major Android flagship, the Google Pixel has targeted iPhone buyers. In comparison to the rest of the Android space, the company has focused heavily on user experience over gimmicks, aesthetics over spec sheets. Its success in actually converting people away from Apple’s walled garden has been limited at best, but Pixel 4 year might pose a unique opportunity…

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