iPhone X Stories January 6

Doogee V is a Frankenstein of Galaxy S9 leaks & iPhone X, w/ in-display fingerprint scanner

It’s not uncommon at all for smartphone manufacturers to pull from the competition for ideas, but some makers copy other brands with no restraint at all. Now, a new smartphone is coming to the market from Chinese manufacturer Doogee, and it pulls ideas from everything…

iPhone X Stories September 18, 2017

While Andy Rubin’s startup Essential took a lot of heat for its front-facing camera cutout, Apple is seeing quite a lot of backlash surrounding the much larger cutout on the iPhone X. Now, thanks to the work of a developer, Android users can “embrace the notch.”

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iPhone X Stories September 13, 2017

Yesterday Apple announced its latest crop of products, and as has been rumored for quite a while, that included the debut of the iPhone X. The X is the biggest step forward in iPhone design in a long time, but it certainly comes with its fair share of compromises.

One of those is the lack of a fingerprint sensor which, speaking truthfully, is already an absolute deal breaker for me. But there’s also a new way of navigating the phone — mostly through gestures. So far, I think that this may actually end up being the more infuriating move, especially considering what we’ve seen on Android devices using similar designs.

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