mobile data Stories August 3, 2016


Most of us have cursed poor mobile connectivity in our home towns at some point or other, but if you want to know whether you really have something to complain about, the latest RootMetrics report has the answers.

RootMetrics is a mobile analytics company that tests cell networks across the USA, measuring reliability, speed and performance across data, calls and text to come up with an overall performance ranking for 125 metro areas …

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mobile data Stories December 7, 2015


With ever more devices trying to squeeze growing volumes of mobile data through a limited number of LTE frequencies, Verizon is leading the push for use of unlicensed frequencies – known as LTE-Unlicensed, or LTE-U. As well as increasing capacity, LTE-U would potentially offer faster speeds.

The problem? These are the same frequencies used by WiFi, Bloomberg reporting that Google, Microsoft, Comcast and other oppose rapid adoption for this reason.

The three companies have been among a group lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to delay LTE-U’s adoption pending further tests [claiming that it] “would substantially degrade consumer Wi-Fi service across the country.”

The companies argue that while both existing LTE frequencies and WiFi play nicely when it comes to competing demand for use of the same airwaves, LTE-U doesn’t …  expand full story

mobile data Stories February 13, 2015

Android One Indonesia

Google is reportedly working on a way for users of Android One devices to get free data when using some apps, as data plans are expensive and can sometimes prevent potential customers from getting online. Zero rating is most commonly done in deals between carriers and third-party apps that will let users of those apps use them without it tolling their data usage. But Google has a bigger plan, bringing zero rating to many third-party apps in developing markets like India.

The company may go as far as to make it possible for any developer to zero-rate the mobile data used by their application…

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mobile data Stories April 25, 2014

Amazon reportedly set to launch its own cellular plan called ‘Prime Data’

According to Boy Genius Report, Amazon is readying its own-brand cellular wireless plan as part of its new phone launch.

However, the plans are still quite mysterious. Although the name has leaked, specific details about what Amazon’s cellular plan will entail are not known. Apparently, the plan is “unique”.

The plan is tentatively named “Prime Data,” and it will be positioned as one of several key selling points for the phone.

BGR characterizes the other information in its report as “speculation” from sources. The post suggests Amazon could launch exclusively on AT&T in the US and ‘Prime Data’ would resemble something similar to AT&T’s Sponsored Data offerings. This may mean users get free access to Amazon’s content.

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