Motion Stills Stories March 30, 2018

Last month, Motions Stills hit version 2.0 with a redesigned interface and a neat AR Stickers feature that brings a taste of what the Pixel 2 is doing with ARCore to any device. A small update this month adds a handful of new stickers and more realistic shadows.

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Motion Stills Stories February 6, 2018

How to use AR stickers in Google’s Motion Stills app on Android

Yesterday Google pushed out a major update to the Motion Stills application. On top of the app’s redesign, Google added an ‘AR Mode’ which allows you to place AR stickers around you. Here’s how to use them…

Motion Stills Stories February 5, 2018

Late last year, Research at Google released three new experimental photo applications for Android and iOS. Today, the flagship Motion Stills app is gaining a big 2.0 update that redesigns the UI and adds AR Stickers.

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Motion Stills Stories July 20, 2017

Motion Stills has been on the iOS App Store for over a year now, but today the popular GIF/video generator finally made its way to Android. On iOS, its primary function was to make Apple’s Live Photos easier to share across the web, but since Android phones don’t take Live Photos, this version is a little different.

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After launching on iOS to great fanfare last year, Google is finally bringing Motion Stills to Android. The app for Google’s OS can transform anything you capture into short 3 second clips that are easily shared with complete offline processing and functionality.

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Motion Stills Stories June 7, 2016

motion-stills (1)

Google’s latest photography app — following behind others such as Google Photos and Snapseed — stabilizes iOS Live Photos and turns them into shareable GIFs and short movie clips. The app can create still images by freezing the background of a Live Photo and makes short videos that feature sweeping cinematic pans. The free Motion Stills app comes to us from Google Research and is only available on iOS…

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