OnePlus Nord 2 Stories July 22

OnePlus Nord 2 first impressions: Could this be the OnePlus 9 Lite? [Video]

The OnePlus Nord 2 has now officially launched, and as far as the entire OnePlus lineup goes, this might be the one to pay attention to.

The OnePlus Nord continues to be a fairly solid affordable Android device, but with an updated and upgraded model on the scene, you might see the latest OnePlus device and have cast an envious glance over at the latest release. But is there enough of a difference to warrant switching from the OnePlus Nord to the OnePlus Nord 2?

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After a constant feed of teases and tidbits, the OnePlus Nord 2 has now officially launched and provides some notable upgrades over the original while also coming with a MediaTek processor and the Sony IMX766 sensor, as found in the OnePlus 9/9 Pro.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Stories July 14

Supposed full specs of the upcoming OnePlus Nord 2 have now been shared online, giving a better picture of what the affordable follow-up Android phone may end up providing ardent fans.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Stories July 8

The teasing has definitely begun for the next OnePlus smartphone, and today, OnePlus is officially revealing the launch date. Alongside that, the brand is also confirming that OnePlus Nord 2 will not be sold in the United States.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Stories July 7

OnePlus made its debut on the smartphone market by calling its first phone a “flagship killer” for its high-end specs and impossibly low price. Over seven years later, it’s abundantly clear that OnePlus no longer holds that title, but the OnePlus Nord 2 is bringing it back with an exclusive MediaTek chipset.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Stories June 28

The OnePlus Nord series has already seen its first sequel in the Nord N200, but now the original device is set to see its successor. New renders this week reveal the design of the OnePlus Nord 2, which definitely takes some cues from the OnePlus 9 series.

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