Peel Stories January 24, 2020

Cases are a great way to add grip and protection to your phone, but if you only want the former, the trend of “ultra-thin” cases is for you. Lately, I’ve spent some time with thin Pixel 4 cases from Peel and Totallee along with their screen protectors. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a purchase.

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Peel Stories March 1, 2018

Prior to reviewing cases for the Pixel 2, I’ve always preferred to use my phone without one. This obviously meant that my device was susceptible to wear from drops and scratches, but I’ve long been fine with the risk because it’s nice to use my phones the way their respective makers intended. But with Peel, as I found, I get the best of both worlds…

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Peel Stories November 2, 2017

Peel’s ultra-thin cases are now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Gallery]

Cases for smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, providing differing amounts of protection. While a rugged case might be best at keeping the Galaxy Note 8’s glass build from damage, these typically make an already large handset ginormous. Now if you want something ultra-thin, providing protection from minor scratches and scuffs while retaining the phone’s design, then Peel’s brand new cases might be for you…

Peel Stories July 27, 2017

Cases aren’t for everyone. While protecting your investment is important, many just don’t want to lose the thin profile their phone has out of the box. With recent phone designs, though, scratches are incredibly easy. That’s where Peel cases come in. These ultra-thin cases protect from scratches without adding any bulk.

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