pre-orders Stories March 10, 2016

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders are ‘stronger than expected’, Samsung exec says

There is no denying that Samsung put a lot of effort into the making of this year’s new flagship devices, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Despite having faced several difficulties regarding sales and profit margins, along other Android OEMs, the South Korean giant looks to be on the right track regarding numbers for the newest flagships.

Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s handsets business, mentioned during a press briefing that the company saw strong pre-order numbers for the Galaxy S7 phones, saying that they were ‘stronger than expected’…

pre-orders Stories October 21, 2015

128GB Nexus 6P now available for pre-order direct from Huawei

For the first time since the Nexus range began, Google announced three storage models of its flagship Android range. The Huawei Nexus 6P would feature 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options priced at $499, $549 and $649 respectively. But, when pre-ordering the 6P, the highest storage option was a little tricky to get hold of. Availability in the US was already restricted to just Google Store and Huawei’s online store, and the latter only had 32GB and 64GB options in two colors.

While Huawei still only sells the aluminum and graphite options, you can now order either with 128GB internal storage. Customers pre-ordering the highest capacity model will need to wait until the end of November before their device arrives, but, there’s comfort in knowing that the highest storage Nexus 6P still costs less than the lowest storage iPhone 6s Plus. If getting the phone early is all that matters to you, ordering the 32GB and 64GB model gets you an early November delivery. If you really, really need it as soon as possible and don’t care about how much it costs, there are some overpriced listings on eBay already.

It is worth noting that there’s a significant difference between ordering from and from Google’s online store, in that the latter will get you a $50 Play Store coupon, while former won’t. Certainly something to consider.


pre-orders Stories May 25, 2015

LG G4 available for pre-order at U.S. Cellular starting May 29th

Pre-orders of LG’s new flagship Android smartphone, the LG G4, have gone live for several major carriers in the United States, and now it’s U.S. Cellular’s turn. Through a tweet sent out on Saturday from U.S. Cellular’s official Twitter account, the carrier confirmed that pre-orders of the G4 on the regional carrier will begin May 29th in-store and online.

The G4 has shipping dates of early June for all of the big four, via information gathered from Best Buy pre-order pages and tweets. So while this tweet doesn’t provide a hard date from when the phone can be purchased outright it’s easy to assume that U.S. Cellular’s variant will also have wide availability starting around the first week of the month. And if you do pre-order a G4 from U.S. Cellular (or elsewhere), LG will throw in a couple accessories for free if you visit this official promo site within two-weeks of receiving your device.

If you’re unsure about whether or not the G4 is for you, be sure to check out our review and comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

pre-orders Stories March 26, 2015


While the new HTC M9 goes on sale tonight unsubsidized for $650, T-Mobile and AT&T have just announced plans to kick off a presale of the device starting tomorrow for $0 down on their usual financing plans. expand full story

pre-orders Stories March 12, 2014


Samsung showed off its new flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress just two weeks ago, and today the Korean firm is announcing availability details for the Galaxy S5… in the UK. While pricing has yet to be officially announced, Samsung is allowing its customers in the UK to preorder on Friday, March 28th, through Samsung’s web store, selected retailers, and the Stratford Westfield Experience Store. Samsung also notes that the Galaxy S5 will roll out globally on April 11th. Earlier this week, Samsung shared a detailed video promoting its new smartphone. For all the details, read on for the official press release…

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pre-orders Stories June 29, 2012

GameStop starts accepting Android tablet trade-ins and preorders for Nexus 7

GameStop already had a ton of success with its iOS device trade-in program that we told you about on 9to5Mac, and today the company announced it will soon extend the program to select Android tablets. In addition, GameStop is taking pre-orders of Google’s new Nexus 7, and it will offer a ” 30% trade bonus on all items traded” towards the cost of the pre-ordered tablet. This comes after a rollout of its own Android-powered gaming tablets in select stores, a project detailed by president Tony Bartel in an interview with Games Industry last year.

Beginning tomorrow, consumers can pre-order the Nexus 7 at all U.S. GameStop stores. GameStop customers can also take advantage of a 30% trade bonus on all items traded towards the pre-order of the Nexus 7. This includes trades of video game hardware, software and accessories as well as iDevices and eligible Android tablets… For consumers looking to trade in an Android tablet, all U.S. GameStop stores are now offering instant cash or in-store credit for Android tablets from a variety of top brands. Trade values, ranging up to $250 in-store credit or $200 cash, are based on model, memory size and physical condition.

pre-orders Stories July 12, 2011

Sony’s inaugural Android tablet, the S1, was caught in the wild ten days ago and today Sony gets semi-official with a possible pre-order date for the UK set to Thursday, September 1, This is my next has learned.

We’ve just seen documents indicating that Sony Centre stores in the UK will be taking S1 pre-orders starting September 1st. That’s just a little later than the late-August pre-order date we’d previously heard, but nothing too major – and Sony will still be among the first to ship a themed and skinned Honeycomb tablet, which we suppose is something of an accomplishment.

No pricing information was released at press time. The Japanese consumer electronics giant will apparently work closely with the preferred retailers to educate them about the benefits of the S1. The September 1 launch is just a month and half away and we are expecting the S1 to hit the US shores shortly thereafter.

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