Quantum computing Stories February 3, 2020

Report: Alphabet working on software to make quantum computing more accessible

Last October, Google announced that its quantum computer performed a task that would take classical computers infinitely longer to complete. In addition to Google, Alphabet looks to have another team working on quantum computing.

Quantum computing Stories October 23, 2019

Google researchers today officially announced a major breakthrough in quantum computing after creating a processor that is capable of performing calculations exponentially faster than even the most powerful supercomputers.

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Quantum computing Stories November 15, 2018

Google today signed an agreement with the European Organization for Nuclear Research to collaborate on joint research and development. More commonly known as CERN, the premier physics lab will be working with Google on quantum and cloud computing, as well as machine learning.

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Quantum computing Stories March 5, 2018

Quantum computing is often touted as the next frontier in technology that promises mass performance improvements. However, the field is still in its infancy, with many companies exploring it. The Google Quantum AI Lab today announced its new Bristlecone quantum processor that provides a “compelling proof-of-principle for building larger scale quantum computers.”

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Quantum computing Stories November 7, 2017

Volkswagen has been heavily investing in batteries in order to support its planned ramp-up of electric vehicle production starting next year.

Their efforts have so far been focused on actual battery production and securing the rarer raw materials needed, like cobalt, but they are also exploring more future-oriented options to improve batteries at the technological level.

Today, VW is announcing a partnership with Google to use quantum computers to improve electric car batteries and others parts of the future of transportation, like traffic optimization and new machine learning processes. expand full story

Quantum computing Stories July 17, 2017

Quantum computing is still in its infancy, but Google has plans to drive the development of applications and tools for the technology by offering researchers access to hardware. In the long-term, Google wants to offer a quantum computing service alongside its other cloud products.

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Quantum computing Stories July 7, 2016


While quantum computing is still in its infancy, it has the possibility of solving problems — like secure digital communications — dramatically faster than current technology. In order to begin securing against future quantum computers, Google is experimenting with post-quantum cryptography connections to its websites.

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Quantum computing Stories December 8, 2015


Last month we reported on Google planning a “watershed” quantum computing announcement, which the company and NASA delivered jointly today. Google’s Quantum AI team announced the results of its latest test in understanding the physics governing quantum annealers, which shows that quantum annealing can outperform simulated annealing by more than 108 times – yes that’s 100,000,000x faster.

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