COVID-19 Stories May 15

Google Maps adds ‘Search COVID-19 vaccines’ encouragement

Over the past year, Google has leveraged its large platforms to display useful, pandemic-related information. The latest is a simple encouragement in Google Maps about finding COVID-19 vaccines near you. 

COVID-19 Stories May 10

Google shares one heartwarming reason to get vaccinated as captured by a Nest Hello [Video]

Back in March, Google kicked off a “Get back to what you love” Search campaign. The latest iteration of that message to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine comes from Made by Google and was captured by a Nest Hello.

COVID-19 Stories April 30

Despite being one of the first to embrace remote work, Google is adamant about getting its employees back in the office. This hybrid, “flexible workweek” is part of the company’s belief that in-person — and often unplanned — interactions spur new ideas and solutions. Google today shared its plan for post-pandemic offices. 

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COVID-19 Stories April 29

The last year has seen many more people turn to the internet for work, learning, shopping, socializing, and entertainment. Google Fiber reports that its networks nationwide saw an approximately 32% increase in demand.

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COVID-19 Stories April 28

If you’re like me, the vaccine shot in your arm means you’re looking into finally taking a trip after staying locked down for a year. To help you travel safely and in line with local guidelines, Google will now send you alerts regarding pandemic-related restrictions at your destination along with other handy travel tools for the COVID era.

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COVID-19 Stories April 27

Google will fix an issue that allowed other apps access to COVID-19 contact tracing logs

While it didn’t scale in the way it really needed to, contact tracing was a big deal as tech was utilized in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. An issue on the Android side of the Google/Apple COVID-19 contact-tracing API, though, may have allowed other apps access to the logs stored on your device.

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