COVID-19 Stories January 13

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, Google and Apple worked together on a new API for Android and iOS devices that would make contact tracing both easy and secure. Right now, though, the Android API for COVID-19 seems to be causing a “loading” notification error for some users.

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COVID-19 Stories January 12

Yelp shows user reports of places not following COVID-19 guidelines; Google should too

As COVID-19 rages on, tech is helping people stay safe and informed. Today, Yelp announced that it would allow customers to report on businesses that aren’t following COVID-19 guidelines such as employees lacking masks, and it’s something Google should also be doing.

COVID-19 Stories January 7

An update to Google Play Services beta points to smartwatches and possibly other wearables being used to collect and share COVID-19 exposure notification info.

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Google’s various only platforms have been an important resource for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the company is further improving those resources. Google Search can now show the COVID-19 “Health & Safety” requirements and options at local businesses.

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COVID-19 Stories December 18, 2020

Alphabet was one of the first companies to mandate remote work back in March and is continually pushing back office reopening. As a free benefit, Google is now letting employees request weekly, home COVID-19 tests.

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COVID-19 Stories December 13, 2020

Back in March, Google was one of the first companies to have employees work remotely in response to COVID-19. The expected return date has been pushed back several times now, with the latest target being September 2021. At that time, a “flexible workweek” will be tested.

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