Today ComScore confirmed Google+ has officially hit 25 million unique users less than a month after its public launch. We told you not to worry when Experian Hitwise reported a 3% decrease in traffic for the new social network and today’s report from ComScore confirms our hunch that Google might actually be on the right track.

To put this in perspective, rival Facebook took approximately three years to reach the same milestone, while Twitter took two and a half.  Twenty-five million may be a long way from the more than 750 million current Facebook users, but it is certainly a step in the right direction after similar services such as Buzz have been long abandoned.

Its quite obvious Google is pretty serious about this whole Google+ Facebook/Twitter-killer thing and the incredible rate of growth should be more than enough encouragement to make it a big focus over at the GooglePlex. They have already done so by integrating the service into almost every aspect of their other services from Gmail, which SearchEngineLand notes seems to be tied to Google+ adoption, to YouTube Live integration, and rolling out updates for the Android app to both fix issues and add functionality.

via Reuters

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One Response to “Google+ becomes fastest growing website in history with 25 million unique users”

  1. grkhetan says:

    I am not sure this is a big deal. Since they put a bar on top of every google website — where hundreds of millions of people already visit — it will be easy for Google to get a couple hundred million people enrolled in the service. And they might then cascade to their friends and they will get same order of number of users as Facebook has. Facebook, on the other hand, had to fight a really tough battle trying to get new visitors to a new website.

    The real question would be — how much would these users use Google+ over Facebook — that will depend on what site they like and other factors. Thats where the real battle would be. Number of things shared.