The LG Nexus 4 just became available in the United States, but the Google Play store already sold out of the 8 GB and 16 GB models.

Check it out: 

Google made the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 available to customers in the U.S. through Google Play at about 11:45 a.m. today. The 16 GB model was the first to sell out at around noon, while the 8 GB model ran out of stock at about 12: 10 p.m.

Like the U.S. variant, the United Kingdom’s Nexus 4 also sold out within 30 minutes of going live earlier this morning.

As seen in the screenshot gallery above, both pages for the Nexus 4 now sport a “Coming Soon” banner and a signup field for email notifications of upcoming availability.

Check out 9to5Google’s hands-on review of the LG Nexus 4 smartphone for a full breakdown of specs.

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