The Verge has a great behind-the-scenes look at Motorola’s Moto X factory in Texas that is currently pumping out around 100,000 units of the new flagship device per week. We reported this morning that Motorola is currently shipping a disappointing 100k units a week, so it’s not that surprising to learn that around 200,000 square feet of the factory is not being used.

To accomplish this, Motorola partnered with Flextronics to refab a factory in Texas formerly used by Nokia. In a mere six months, the factory was completely updated and transformed to Motorola’s specifications, which including the hiring of 2,500 workers to make it run. Motorola did not actually make a final call to do manufacturing in the US until late 2012, but the factory was operational by August 6th of this year. The factory currently puts out about 100,000 devices per week, but Motorola says that it’s possible to scale it to tens of millions of units. Given that more than half of the over 400,000 square foot factory floor sits unused right now, that’s not too hard to believe.

It also spoke with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside about why bringing assembly to the US was crucial for the Moto X’s MotoMaker customizations features. 

“There is a premium [with building in the US] but it’s not material to the economics of the business. It’s a myth that you can’t bring manufacturing here because it’s too expensive,” says Woodside. “We’ve observed that wages in Asia are going up, wages here are relatively steady, consumers care more about where their products are being built, and you have advantages of having design close to your manufacture. Those advantages will well outweigh the costs that we have today and those costs will go down over time.”

More on TheVerge. 

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2 Responses to “A behind-the-scenes look at Motorola’s U.S. Moto X factory in Texas [Gallery]”

  1. Sorry to be a little offtopic but I’m shocked to see so many overweight people on these photos. Almost 9 out of 10 is suffering from being overweight. Is it a normal in US these days? You people are just killing yourself with your diet…

    • Chris Clancy says:

      I find it funny that you notice that. I did not on first look, but looking back I see it. I think the uniform and angle kind of makes it look worse though. Maybe not. Define over weight though. I’m 6’1″ and 175 lbs. I would consider myself relatively thin. Obesity is becoming an issue here. I would not say it’s the norm, but it has become a “fast food” culture for sure. There are more over weight people than there used to be. I don’t think it is exclusive to the U.S. though and people have become more aware of it. In the same breath, we are becoming a society of making excuses of why someone is doing something wrong and making it ok instead of just saying you do wrong and need to change. Got to love progressive society! People today believing that all Americans are over weight is like people of the early 1900’s believing the streets of the U.S. were paved in gold. Where are you from?