The Samsung Galaxy S4 has retained its title as winner of the highly-regarded Which? UK consumer association battery-life tests, despite competition from newer handsets. The S4 achieved call times 37 percent greater than its nearest rival, the HTC One. The results in web use were far closer, but the Samsung S4 took the lead there too.

The Galaxy S4 also won back in June, but retained its title in the face of new competition from the latest iPhones and an updated Nokia Lumia. Android handsets took the top three slots in call times, and the top four in web use …

Which? is noted for the rigor of its tests. To ensure that results are not affected by network signal strength (phones use a lot more power when the signal is weak), Which? uses its own phone network simulator to provide each handset with the same strength of signal. It also uses light-meters to set the screen brightness of each handset to the exact same level.

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5 Responses to “Samsung S4 retains best battery-life title in rigorous consumer association tests”

  1. of course they left the moto x out because it would’ve won

  2. Gunjan Shah says:

    What happened to DROID MAXX?