Like it has done on several occasions in the past, Samsung is directly mocking Apple in its latest advertisement for the new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. The commercial, posted to Samsung’s YouTube page, is a clear parody of Apple’s Pencil ad for the iPad Air that has been airing on TV since Apple debuted it for the introduction of the new tablet in October of last year. Another ad for the Galaxy Note 3 (below) takes on the iPhone’s small screen size.

In the ad, Samsung mentions that Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 has an even thinner body than the iPad Air and also demos multitasking features that aren’t available on iOS. While Samsung doesn’t get into specifics in the video, we know the new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 measures in at 7.3mm thick. That’ less than a millimeter thinner than the iPad Air at 7.5 mm. The ad also makes references to the Galaxy Tab’s  10.1-inch HD display, which comes in at a resolution of 2560-by-1600 at 299 ppi compared to the iPad Air’s 2048-by-1536 resolution at 264 ppi.

Microsoft has used a similar strategy in the past by comparing its Surface tablets side-by-side with iPads and pointing out features like multitasking and Office that aren’t available on iPad.

And another new ad from Samsung today puts the new 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 up against the much smaller iPhone display:

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4 Responses to “Samsung mocks iPad Air & iPhone’s screen size in new Galaxy Tab Pro & Note 3 ads (Video)”

  1. You gotta hand it to Samsung. They’re always going Apple one or two better and making sure that everyone knows. The product with the most features and the lowest cost always wins. Samsung upstages Apple yet again. Apple won’t change its Retina display for a number of years but Samsung is already touting Quad-HD displays on coming Galaxy S5. It’s just so amazing how Samsung can keep turning out new technology day after day. Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, etc. in a never-ending parade of devices while Apple can barely manage one or two products a year at best. Samsung must have some huge staff of talented employees.

    • My problem (with all companies and not just these two) is when they are poking fun at the other in an almost immature way. Advertise YOUR product and don’t advertise THEIR product. Samsung is advertising both products, even if they are boasting their product’s feature while belittling the competition’s products.

    • It’s easy to copy and take the next step. It’s easy to cram in new features… it’s called “feature creep.” Apple doesn’t want to bloat their products and iOS with new features for the sake of features. Apple continues to do what it does best. Innovate new products that define categories (for awhile)… let the others catch up and then go onto the next thing. But always sticking to the high end of the market where the margins are better. Let Samsung be the low-end vultures they are, that’s fine.

    • I hope Apple does compete again properly in the next Gen. I understand why they drip feed features, but Android Manufactures currently offer me everything I need. If an iPhone/iPad could offer me a genuinely better experience I would consider migrating. I want the BEST product my money can buy, but for now, Apple can’t do it. They tie, Neck and Neck.