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Huawei uses funny short to explain how to pronounce their name

Huawei is a rising Chinese mobile device manufacturer who’s name isn’t exactly easy for those of us in English-speaking countries to pronounce. Considering that we’re still hearing rumbles of the company’s desire to grab hold of consumer mindshare here in the United States, it’s about time for them to clear these simple pronunciation issues – which is exactly what they’re beginning to do.

The company released a short bit to its UK YouTube account today of a group of individuals performing “vocal warmups,” led by Gordon Friend, a coach from the “Future Facing Association of Pundits” (yes, “FFAPs” just like it sounds). The short then turns to learning how to properly pronounce the names of different Arsenal F.C. football players as they’re brought into the room. Because you’re probably pronouncing those incorrectly, too.

The ending of video is pretty anti-climactic, though, with the group quickly moving on to learning how to pronounce Huawei. It’s “Wah-way,” in case you were wondering.

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Key features of the LG G4 shown off in new TV ads (Video)

LG has uploaded a few LG G4 ads to its YouTube channel, showcasing some of the most important new features of the device. The first ad of course shows off the phone’s genuine leather backs (and it looks a lot like the Moto Selfie Stick April Fools’ video we saw a few weeks ago). Secondly, there’s a spot focused on the G4’s IPS Quantum display, and lastly there’s an ad showing off its F1.8 aperture lens.

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Google releases new Android One ad promoting 5.1 upgrade aimed at India

Google has released several Android ads via the main Android YouTube account, but it appears that the company has now published the first cartoon Androidify-themed ad aimed specifically at India. The ad has appeared this morning on the Google India YouTube account, and features several Androidify cartoons playing what assumably is Indian-inspired music.

It appears that the ad is directly promoting the fact that even the low-end Android One devices are getting the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. “Things just got even better,” the ad says. “Android One upgrades to Lollipop 5.1.” The ad finishes out with a “Always the latest from Google” tagline, furthering the point that the company wants to fully support Android One in terms of software.

Check it out:

Thanks, Fedor!

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Google launched a new AdWords portal today called Website Call Conversions. This new tool lets advertisers identify and measure calls from their website that occur following an ad click. Here’s how it works: whenever someone spots your search ads and click on them, they’ll be directed to your website and will receive a special phone number to call that is connected to the ad they’re viewing.

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Google appears to be experimenting with new “Listen Now” ads in search results for streaming music services including its own Google Play Music and competitors like Apple’s Beats Music. The Wall Street Journal first noticed the ads and confirmed the new format with Google: expand full story

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Like it has done on several occasions in the past, Samsung is directly mocking Apple in its latest advertisement for the new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. The commercial, posted to Samsung’s YouTube page, is a clear parody of Apple’s Pencil ad for the iPad Air that has been airing on TV since Apple debuted it for the introduction of the new tablet in October of last year. Another ad for the Galaxy Note 3 (below) takes on the iPhone’s small screen size. expand full story

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