Rumors that Amazon’s set-top TV box will double as a games console have been lent weight by photos of a Bluetooth controller claimed to have been discovered in an overseas regulatory filing by Zatznotfunny.

The wireless Bluetooth controller features a gaggle of controls, including both shoulder buttons and triggers, in addition to media playback transport controls. And we give Amazon credit for using Android-esque icons for home, menu, and back … 

Assuming it’s real, it’s possible the controller will be sold as an accessory, rather than included with the box.

We did wonder whether it might instead be aimed at Amazon’s Basics range of accessories, but note that these are not generally Amazon-branded.

Pricing of the Amazon TV box is not yet known – there have even been suggestions that it might be free to Prime users as a means of selling content (which, along with streaming music, might help take the sting out of the recent price hike). Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out – it’s been reported that it will be launched this month.

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One Response to “Leaked photos of Bluetooth controller add weight to Amazon’s TV box incorporating games”

  1. This seems like a very complicated way for me to order a years worth of Kuerig K-cups.