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Google, according to several user posts on Google+, has recently opened up a replacement program for people who damage their Nexus 5. While the company has yet to officially announce this program, users are reporting that if you have a damaged Nexus 5, Google will offer a one-time replacement for free.

There are no limits on what the damage could be, either. Google is supposedly replacing devices with water damage and cracked screens for free, as long as you send the damaged device back to them. HTC and Motorola have started similar programs recently. In Google’s case, this may be an attempt to clear out stock of the Nexus 5, as it’s coming up on nearly a year of availability, meaning that a successor should be right around the corner.

To take advantage of the recently-launched program, simply call Google Play customer support, explain your damage, and they will send you a refurbished Nexus 5 for totally free. Once you get the refurbished unit, simply send your damaged device back to them.

(via Android Central)

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13 Responses to “Google starts replacing damaged Nexus 5 phones for free”

  1. I have a damaged Nexus 4. Called Google and they said they can’t do any thing as the warranty was completed.I went to service center and they r asking half of the amount of mobile price to repair.

  2. Raj Haa says:

    I have a damaged Nexus 5. Called today and they said they’d send out a replacement soon! Googles getting better :)

  3. Bought through Play store on release. Dropped the phone a few times and after a while it stopped responding completely. Called Play Customer Support today and they are sending out a replacement via 1-day air for free! I asked about the new replacement program and they said the damage I described falls outside of their regular warranty. The rep put me on hold for a few minutes and when he got back on he said his manager had authorized him to offer a one time replacement. Yay Google!

  4. Doogs says:

    Can verify this is a true thing. Called today and qualified for a one-time replacement. Nice and easy, and the rep didn’t seem surprised or unaware. Bought my Nexus from the Google Play Store, I’m in the US, and my phone is straight-up destroyed (had its back broken in a run in with a car door). Since I’ve already given up and replaced it (with an HTC One M8 that’s just not as smooth), I’ve got some serious options now!

  5. Call customer service. I called yesterday and the rep said she was not aware, nor has she seen anything regarding this. She open a service call and said she was going to make an exception. She escalated my ticket to another dept and I’m waiting for a call me to see if someone gives the ok to replace my broken scree phone.

  6. Hi guys how could i get a new Nexus 5? what email, or how can i get in contact with google to know what i have to do? !

  7. UK customers please note, I just rang the customer service for the United Kingdom and this is only limited to the US.

  8. luckydcxx says:

    that is very nice of google. i don’t see why they would do this though.

    • To keep people using Google’s phones, instead of switching to another device if their phone breaks. If a year old device broke would you buy it again or look elsewhere for a model that has better specs for about the same price?

  9. I’ve had to spend around 280 EUR on fixing my screen on my nexus 4 and now expecting to pay 140 EUR more, would be great to get some love from google on this as I LOVE the phone, but the weakness of the screen is a tough sell

    • The glass back of my Nexus 4 broke after it vibrated itself off a coffee table when someone called me! After a year of replacing the tape holding it together, I finally ordered a replacement back from China for CAN$20 through ebay. I’m shocked they charged 280 EUR for a repaired screen, because that’s what I paid for the phone itself. I need to start exporting phones to EU!

  10. Anyone able to do this without buying through the Play Store?