Chromebooks January 27

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Last week, Chrome 48 for Mac, Windows, and Linux brought few user facing updates. Now, version 48 of Chrome OS was just released and brings improved download notifications, a Material Design Video Player, and other updates, in addition to security fixes.

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Chromebooks January 26

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Google has announced a new philanthropic partnership with NetHope aiming to help Syrian refugees in Germany get reconnected by making 25,000 Chromebooks available to nonprofits. The goal — as described on the Project Reconnect home page — is “to help refugees as they strive to rebuild their lives, by facilitating access to education and information resources on the web.”

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Chromebooks January 13

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Apple for a time led the tech market in education, even making education-specific Mac models. More recently, the company made a big push on iPads, signing a $30M deal (that would eventually have been worth a quarter of a billion dollars) in 2013 to equip every student in the LA Unified School District with an iPad.

If that program had succeeded, it would have created a template for rolling out similar ones across the whole of the USA. Instead, it failed catastrophically, and it now appears that Chromebooks are winning where iPads have failed.

CNBC reported last month that Chromebooks now make up more than half of all devices in U.S. classrooms, while Apple’s share of classroom purchases more than halved between 2012 and 2015. Why is that, and what – if anything – can Apple do to reverse the trend … ?

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Chromebooks January 4

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Today at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Acer announced its next lineup of budget-friendly Chrome OS and Android based products. It announced a brand new Chrome desktop with Intel Core processors, a small, durable Chromebook and an affordable tablet…

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Chromebooks December 21, 2015

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Chromebooks are all the same, but in this case that’s a good thing. The minimum hardware mandated by Google results in an affordable computer that runs a capable operating system. Since its inception six years ago, Chrome OS has been continuously updated with useful features, while in parallel, Google’s services have become immensely powerful and feature-rich for just being web apps.

While Chromebooks with touchscreens are not new, convertible Chrome OS devices are just starting to arrive. The Chromebook R11 is Acer’s first contribution to this field and I try to predominantly use it as a tablet in this review.

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Chromebooks December 17, 2015

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Google’s new Nexus phones are only a few weeks old, and yet you can already buy them at less than their full retail value. The Nexus 5X has been discounted since Black Friday weekend. Now, the flagship Nexus 6P has also seen a price drop.  You can now snag the smartphone with $50 discount in the US or Japan, direct from Google’s online store.

Smartphones aren’t the only products to see a price drop. Google has also discounted the Huawei Watch, Chromebooks and is offering deals on the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio…

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