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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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In the second half of 2021, Samsung is expected to deliver the latest models of its smartwatch lineup with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Active. Here’s everything we know about the product so far, including rumors about features, specs, Wear OS, and pricing.

Will Galaxy Watch 4 have new features?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to come in two distinct models. First, the standard Watch 4 will follow in the footsteps of the Watch 3. That means it will deliver a traditional watch design with a rotating bezel, extended lugs to hold the strap, and probably a thicker overall design. Most likely, two different sizes will also be available. 42mm and 46mm for the Galaxy Watch 4, 40mm and 42mm for the Active variant. A recent tweet claimed that colors on the new watch will match Samsung’s upcoming foldables, which are rumored to match the Galaxy S21 series.

Beyond the standard model, a Galaxy Watch Active 4 is also expected to arrive at the same time. This model will likely have a sportier, thinner design that lacks a physical rotating bezel. The entire series was expected to include a non-invasive blood glucose sensor too, but that’s reportedly no longer the case.

Why is Samsung switching to Wear OS?

In terms of features, one all-but-confirmed addition is the ability to monitor blood glucose levels, a feature that was first reported in early 2021. Beyond that, rumors have been flying around the Samsung is ditching its own Tizen platform, perhaps to use Android or Google’s Wear OS. Some early evidence uncovered a design codenamed “Merlot,” which was found alongside mentions of the Wear OS platform. Why the change? The reasons are unclear, but Samsung’s platform has had some serious security concerns over the years and, more notably, lacks the deep ecosystem of apps and watchfaces that is one of Wear OS’ few strengths.

Reports over Spring 2021 only make this seem more certain. A report in mid-May from Korean media claims that both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Active will include Wear OS, making the switch primarily because developing apps is easier on Wear OS than it is on Tizen.

samsung wear os watch
In 2018, Samsung was also rumored to switch to Wear OS

When will Galaxy Watch 4 come out?

Samsung generally launches new wearables alongside notable smartphones, traditionally either Galaxy S or Galaxy Note devices. Alongside the Galaxy S21 in January, the only companion accessory was the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Current reports point to Samsung skipping the Galaxy Note series entirely in 2021, in part due to the ongoing chip shortage. So instead, it’s expected that the Galaxy Watch 4 series will arrive alongside the company’s next line of foldables, which includes Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2. That should leave the launch late in Summer 2021, perhaps in August.

How much will Galaxy Watch 4 cost?

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series is the company’s flagship wearable offering and, as such, commands a hefty price tag. The current Galaxy Watch 3 starts at $399 for the 41mm variant, jumping up to $429 for the 45mm version. You’ll then pay $449 or $479 for the LTE models.

So far, there are no clear rumors regarding Galaxy Watch 4 pricing, but there’s no reason to expect it to differ much from the current generation. New health functionality could boost the price slightly, but we don’t expect any major jumps.

Alongside other news about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch, you can stay tuned below for all the latest news.

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