In May, Google opened up the ability for developers to include subscriptions in their apps. It is a feature that has been available on Apple’s App Store for quite sometime.

According to a new posting on the Android Developers’ website, a new feature is landing today for the in-app subscription service Google offers. The team in Mountain View has rolled out the ability for developers to set a free trial period, allowing users to try a subscription before buying. A user will be required to give payment information when signing up for the free trial, but it will not be charged. Like most free trial services, a user will be charged after the trial period is over. As for the changes that developers need to make….

Developers will not be required to change their APK. Instead, developers can start using a trial period for subscriptions by enabling the new feature in the Android Developer Console. Developers are required to make a trial available for seven days and can only create “one free trial period per subscription product,” according to Google.

This is a sure-fire way to get people hooked on more content.

(Top image via Wired)

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