Google’s insistence that there is room for both Google TV and Chromecast has seemingly been confirmed by an apparent new Sony-branded Google TV making its way through FCC approval.

The FCC filing spotted by @cj_000 (via Engadget) has all the hallmarks of a new Google TV device.

The NSZ-GU1 has an IR blaster like other Google TV boxes, and Bluetooth where the Chromecast doesn’t include either. The power adapter it’s tested with also could be overkill for a simple dongle-like device

Despite some speculation that it could be a Chromecast stick, it seems unlikely.

Google SVP Sundar Pichai recently told AllThingsD that Google TV “will be a full-fledged Android for television,” and that the company will be announcing more manufacturing partners at CES next year. One of those projects is believed to be an Android-powered set-top box with a motion sensor similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.


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