Koushik Dutta — the man behind Clockworkmod, as well as various other Android apps and projects — has released AllCast for Amazon’s FireTV. The program lets you send videos, photos, and music from any Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to your TV. The app is free to install for the FireTV, though AllCast for Android requires a $4.99 purchase to enable the majority of the features, including a screen-mirroring feature.

The mirror feature is still in beta, though it works reliably. Framerate depends on a number of factors, including your home network and device speed. As such, the mirroring feature works best on higher-end Android devices.

Amazon’s $99 set-top box has been widely praised, though its available content is somewhat limited. It also works best for those who get their media from Amazon, which can be a problem for Android users that prefer Google Play. AllCast can act as that bridge, making the Amazon FireTV a conduit for your smartphone’s music, video, photos, and even games.

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