Verizon More Everything Promo

Verizon is following its More Everything holiday promotion today with a new limited time promo for its customers, the carrier announced today. Starting tomorrow, Verizon will begin offering customers data plans at new price points from 1GB up to 20GB with most price tiers being reduced by $10/month compared to their previous rates.

With the new plans, customers can take advantage of plans with the same data amount at a cheaper rate, or pay the same price and receive a data increase. Additionally, Verizon will introduce more data tiers with 12GB, 14GB, and 16GB options.

“Beginning Thursday, Verizon’s MORE Everything plans with data allowances of 1GB to 3GB (or from $40 to $60 per month) will include 1GB of additional data for the same price. A new $70 plan with 6GB will be available. 

Additionally, for a limited time customers who choose MORE Everything plans of 6GB or higher can add smartphones on Verizon Edge for only $15 a month after a $25 access discount per line. With this new promotion, the monthly service plan for an account with two smartphones on Edge and 6GB of shared data is only $100. Edge discounts are $15 per line for MORE Everything plans with data allowances of 4GB and below.”

In addition to the new plan prices and data tiers, Verizon will offer new customers switching from other carriers a $100 bill credit per line when choosing a smartphone with the carrier’s Edge financing plan. New customers also need to port their existing numbers from their previous carrier to Verizon to qualify for the one-time $100 bill credit.

The new data options and price drops follow competitive promotions from other carriers targeting Verizon customers with offers to switch their service and save money. In December, Sprint announced its ‘Cut Your Bill in Half’ promo specifically recruiting Verizon and AT&T subscribers to switch their service to Sprint.

T-Mobile and AT&T have offered promotions for switchers in recent months as well while focusing most recently on their own versions of roll-over data for customers to attract more subscribers.

Verizon’s new plans, which start tomorrow, are available for a limited time and don’t kick in automatically, so you’ll want to check your account for potential savings when the new plans go live.

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