Pushbullet has to be one of the most widely adopted apps for Android. It lets you share links, notifications, images, and more across your smartphone and virtually any other device. Today, the company announced that it has added a new SMS UI to its desktop presence. With today’s update, you can now you can see entire conversations on your computer.

With the new update, instead of only being able to reply to individual messages, there’s a full messaging experience which syncs with your phone. You can start text conversations on your PC or Mac, then pick up your phone later and carry on where you left off. It’s pretty sweet, and it’s a great alternative to the cross-platform iMessage app that iOS users have enjoyed for many years.

Here’s how it looks:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 15.10.33

If you want to have multiple conversations open up at once, you can have them in separate pop-up windows on your desktop. Pushbullet just got a ton more useful and will render apps like MightyText useless now that the texting experience matches that on your phone.

You can download the new version of Pushbullet for Android here.

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