LG and Google are purportedly working together to release a revamped version of the Nexus 5 for 2015. We’ve already seen a number of supposed specifications, a case leak and a detailed 3D render based on detailed schematics. But we hadn’t seen any real evidence of the device being real. Until now.

Over on Google+ Inno Yudha shared a photo of the LG-made 2015 Nexus. As we’d suspected from the earlier renders, it looks to be a plastic device with a largely flat back which rounds towards the edges. What’s more, it seemingly confirms rumors that the smartphone will feature a protruding centered camera, a fingerprint sensor and dual-LED flash on the back. What’s more, we see the silver Nexus branding similar to that on the current Nexus 6.

nexus leak

Rumors so far suggest that the LG Nexus will appear alongside a larger, metal device made by Huawei and that both should be announced before the holiday season. LG’s Nexus is purportedly the smaller of the two, with a 5.2-inch display. At this point, it’d be frankly surprising if what Google announces doesn’t bear resemblance to the leaks we’ve seen so far. But as with any rumor we should be skeptical until the devices are official.

Two features we can be absolutely sure of are NFC and the fingerprint sensor. With Google having announced the impending arrival of Android Pay and support fingerprint recognition in Android M, it’d be mind-boggling if the new Nexii weren’t compatible.


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