Spotify Running, which originally launched on iOS a whole 4 months ago, has finally made it to Android. From today, Android users will be able to fire up the Spotify app, open the Running feature, and have the music streaming service find music that matches tempo with the pace of their jog…

It’s yet another example of Android support getting put on the back burner, but at least it’s here, right?

As per the official Spotify blog:

Since the launch of Spotify Running, millions of you have laced up and hit the road together with the best musical motivation out there.

Today we’re thrilled to be bringing the same great experience to our Android users.

With Spotify Running, we’ve combined the best music on the planet with recommendations based on your listening history, multiple-genre playlists as well as original running compositions.

Simply select your tempo and start running. We’ll match the perfect music in time to your step to help you go the extra mile.

Spotify Running has been available in the beta version of the Spotify app on Android for a few months now — it’s somewhat odd that it took that long for the feature to be graduated to the full version of the app. Nonetheless, users of the main Spotify app should start seeing the feature roll out today.

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