When Google Now has a relevant piece of information to share, it sends users a notification. In the past, the notification icon that appeared in the top bar was specific to the type of info. A small update to the Google app today changes the icon to a more generic ‘G‘.

In the past, weather alerts were signified by a small cloud and a soccer ball represented sports scores. The new icon is rather generic and users can no longer tell from a quick glance what they’re being notified of. This change could possibly be a branding move to better signify to users that Google is the one sending a useful update versus a third party app. The uppercase ‘G’ has also been added to the corresponding notification in the drawer.

Many users on version of the Google app are seeing the change. The update does not seem to introduce anything else. A more significant update earlier this month added a landscape mode to the homescreen, app launcher, and Google Now. Users can go the Play Store to get the updated app.


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