Remember that great Monotune ad from a couple weeks ago? It was a great little jab at Apple, criticizing the monotony of its devices and praising the beauty that comes with Android phones being different. Now, Google has released an album on Google Play that keeps the joke rolling…

The album (appropriately labeled as “Classical” on Google Play) is only about 5 minutes in total. That’s because each of its 10 tracks are just short monotone versions of tunes we’re all familiar with Minute Waltz, Three Blind Mice, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, America, the Beautiful, and more. Yes, just like the commercial, each of these tracks is just middle C on a piano being played to their familiar rhythms. You’ll probably never listen to these more than once.

This seems to be just a perfect running joke for Google. It wasn’t long after the ad was first published that Google took to Twitter hilariously translating one of its tweets to all Cs, and now this album is out. And the reviews are great, too. “Only one note, but still better than the new Kanye,” one person said. Another:

Quite possibly album of the century. You can hear the composer’s attention to detail with these layered notes and varying progression. The emotional intent was clear and extremely effective. Just listen to it!

You can grab the album for free on Google Play.

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