We know that T-Mobile likes to distinguish itself from other US carriers, and that usually results in some bizarre stunts. Last month, to emphasize the return of water resistance in the Galaxy S7, the company set up a completely underwater-shot video unboxing of the device, and now that the LG G5 is about to reach stores across the country, T-Mobile is back at it again…

While this time there doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between the phone and an off-road ride, the carrier used what it calls “the world’s fastest unboxing” to show off both the G5 itself as well as a few of its “Friends“, like the external camera module, the 360 camera and even LG’s own 360 VR headset, which may be just about the last thing in the world you would want to use in a high-speed car race.

Nevertheless, Des‘ enthusiasm is left intact even while the phone box’s content is thrown away as the car keeps steering and speeding up. Inside of it you will find pretty much what you would expect: the phone, a quick start/welcome guide, a T-Mobile SIM and the wall adapter coupled with a USB Type-C cable for charging and syncing.

If you are eagle-eyed you may even spot the included SIM removal tool, so go check the funnily chaotic video below – and don’t forget to take a look at our very own hands-on too.

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