Google seems to be on a major push to increase take-up of its Google Photos service. A little over a week ago, it ran a video ad focused on how useful it is to be able to recover space on your phone by removing photos already stored on Google. It’s now running a new ad on the value of automatic backups.

The ad shows someone jumping into a pool, and realizing while he’s in mid-air that his phone is still in the pocket of his shorts. The voiceover says that, sure, you can get a new phone, but what about the photos on the soaked one? ‘What will you do?’ the narrator asks … ?


Nothing. Because every pic and video you’ve ever taken in your entire life was backed-up, for free, with Google Photos.

The Google Photos app can be set to automatically backup all your photos and videos, and the service offers unlimited storage of photos of up to 16MP and videos at 1080p HD.

Keep your photos safe with the free Google Photos app:




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