When Google unveiled the Google Home, the company talked about the ability to customize the home assistant’s look and feel by simply swapping out different colored bases. However, priced at $20 to $40 a piece, these bases were overpriced for many potential customers. If you’ve been holding out from purchasing one, now might be the time to buy, as Google is currently offering all bases for 50% off.

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If you’re looking to change up your Google Home’s look with a new base, you should know that there are currently two different material types — fabric and metal — with six different colors in total. Fabric bases come in three color options — mango, marine, and violet. If you like the metal look, you can choose from carbon, copper, and snow.

If you’re interested in picking up a new Google Home base, head on over to the Google Store. With the 50 percent off sale currently going on, the fabric bases are available for $10 each while the metal ones are going for $20 each. Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this sale because it is only running through February 18.

If you would like to know more about the Google Home, you can read our full review of the home assistant or watch our unboxing and hands-on video below.

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