Today, it was reported that Google is currently working on a third phone alongside the two-second generation Pixel devices. While not much is known about this codenamed “taimen” device, we have heard that it will be even larger than the updated Pixel XL. If you were to purchase one of these phones, which size would you choose?

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The current Pixel models come in at 5 and 5.5-inches and we can assume that the next-generation Pixels will arrive with similar screen sizes. The third device, rumored to be the largest of the three, could have a screen that rivals the Nexus 6’s 6-inch display.

Now, the thing to remember is that there hasn’t been any confirmation on if this third phone will be branded as a Pixel, Android One device, or even a Nexus. The rumor that the two new Pixel devices will forgo the headphone jack but the “taimen” smartphone is supposedly being developed as a separate device and won’t be a third iteration of the new Pixels.

Which size phone would you purchase if Google releases three different sized phones later this year? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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